To me, being Jewish means to identify with the past, present, and future of a collective of individuals who happen to call themselves "Jews."

...we should demand explicit recognition as “Identity Zionists.” Since Jews are a history-bonded collective, and Israel is the culmination of Jewish history, elementary high school algebra dictates that Zionism is an essential component of Jewish identity.

CU-Monitor is an organization that brings together alumni, faculty, students, parents/grandparents, troubled by the unfair treatment of Israel and hostility towards pro-Israel voices in academia.


Our mission is to press  administrations of colleges and universities to enforce the following principles of fair play:

  • Freedom of speech for every group on campus,

  • Respectful discourse and exchange of opinions in the marketplace of ideas equally open to all,

  • A welcoming environment for Jewish, Israeli and pro-Israel students,

  • Fair treatment of pro-Israel faculty and student groups,

We strive to combat antisemitism by providing an online platform open the public and the media, whose purpose is:

  • To track zionophobic activities and make this information public, available to parents and students considering the school, to the media, and to the lawyers and government regulators investigating the administration's handling of antisemitism on campus,

  • To expose zionophobic behavior of the faculty and of the students, the institutional tolerance of antisemitism, failure to enforce rules of behavior,  unwillingness to extend the same respect, consideration and protection to the Jewish students as would be extended to every other marginalized group.

In her article, "How to Fight Anti-Semitism on Campus" published in 2015, Bari Weiss, an alumna of Columbia University, wrote:

The problem of tenured anti-Semites is far too complicated and entrenched to be dealt with summarily, but one critically important—and feasible—response is to shame them for their racism. Here, for instance, is Hamad Dabashi, Columbia professor and former chair of its department of Middle East Studies, on Israeli Jews:

A subsumed militarism, a systemic mendacity with an ingrained violence constitutional to the very fusion of its fabric, has penetrated the deepest corners of what these people have to call their “soul.” . . . Half a century of systematic maiming and murdering of another people has left its deep marks on the faces of these [Jews], the way they talk, the way they walk, the way they handle objects, the way they greet each other, the way they look at the world.

That such a bigot enjoys tenure at a university whose biggest donors include well-known and proud supporters of Israel is a wonder and a scandal. That scandal must be continually, insistently exposed.